ADCON Construction Company covers all aspects of construction. ADCON always maintains high standards and ensures a world-class finish to all of our construction projects. ADCON‘s skilled team and attentive supervision assures the smooth running of all of our projects and that work is completed within set time frames.

We offer contracting services covering a wide spectrum of construction projects. These include traditional contracts to design and build, operate and fully integrated Public Private Partnerships. ADCON‘s expertise ranges includes residential and office developments, shopping centres, health services, and educational facilities. Our successful performance in this sector is supported by a client base of major players in the industry who have commended Shellarc Builders on their ability to deliver.

As we are moving on our 5th year in the Industry and now has been joined by vast experienced staffs, we are now escalating our scope to Infrastructure and Fit-out Works. Recently, we have been awarded by multiple Infrastructure Projects and Fit out Projects by numerous Clients. We have completely expanded to fulfill the developing requirement in the Construction Industry here in Doha. ADCON has consistently expanded to fulfill the development requirements of the construction industry.

ADCON possess unique strengths to support our promise;

  • Over 6 years experience and dedication to the construction industry
  • An extensive and comprehensive suite of products
  • Products with integrity that are tried and true
  • Specialised, expert application knowledge about what technology provides the best solution
  • Flexibility to access the best materials from a variety of sources around the globe
  • A proven track record of providing value-driven Constructive Solutions

All undertaken building work is done in strict accordance with Government building standards. With strong attention to detail and finish, ADCON Construction Company has become a familiar name and the first choice for many.



We have experienced engineers who can deal with residential site development, road layout and drainage, commercial development, and water treatment and conveyance issues. Our building specialists work in the designing, planning, maintenance, and development of structures, residential site development, commercial development and the alteration of the geographic layout to oblige human needs. Our architects are frequently held to help settle disagreements regarding the quality, cost, and convenience of development ventures.



Project planning is fundamental for remaining on plan for a construction project. ADCON team have years of experience in arranging ventures, and have been included in various tasks where we have served to effectively avoid extend delay or moderate the unfortunate outcomes of project postponement. As a group, we give expert counseling services on planning the project such that, it serves your advantage. Our planners will work with the Client to recognize all errands and critical activities.