Project Delivery

Our experience shows that the successful delivery of Projects, on time and within budget, requires management control of three principal elements:

  • Project schedule
  • Project budget
  • Physical features of the project (detailed scope of work)

Together, these three elements form the basis of each task and, collectively, of the entire project. Proper management of these elements and control of proposed changes are essential if schedules and budgets are to be met.

To manage the project cost, schedule, and scope, and to provide a method by which control of these elements can be maintained, we plan to use modern program / project management techniques. This shall involve the comparison of project progress reports on a predetermined schedule and selected “milestones”. The term “milestones” is used to indicate a discrete and can be reviewed product.

With such milestones, identified with an appropriate schedule, an accurate measure of project Performance can be made which shall facilitate timely management decisions. This, in turn, shall improve project performance, control budget, and maintain schedule.

An initial project management activity shall be to update the Project Time Schedule to conform to the terms of the negotiated contract. The Client shall confirm the detailed schedule and identify by description and in real time, the milestones throughout the project duration.