Risk Management & Risk Assessment

A Risk management team will be formed to identify Project Potential Risks at various stages. The team shall conduct monthly meetings to identify, review and plan mitigation of risks.

The main source of risks to be considered are design & engineering, location, resource, technology, work methods, executions, contract management, financial, environmental, statutory compliance, vendors & subcontractors, safety & security, interfacing of other agencies in the work area.

Risk assessment register will be maintained to prepare risk assessment plan based on root causes including mitigation measures.

Plan the work based on risk assessment mitigations and ensure appropriate actions.

Risks below that have commonly identified on the project, however it is anticipated that the Client will be pro-active in timely approvals and assisting in any area where blockages may occur to ensure that there is a smooth running and completion of the Works.

  • Early Deployment of Project Consultant
  • Building Permit & Kharamaa Building permit
  • Latest Approved Property document
  • Programme Duration
  • Acceptance of design proposals if applicable
  • Design changes and variation will affect programme
  • Approval timeline
  • Timely issuance of permits to work
  • Long lead in materials which are 12-14 weeks from approval
  • Restricted Access and material routes - effect on programme
  • Existing building and facilities
  • Existing underground facilites
  • High level of co-ordination
  • Adaption of existing services
  • Govermental final inspection schedule